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Weekly Wrapup: Thanksgiving Redux

Much of the business news reported this week points toward more reasons for general thanksgiving. Earlier in the week Bill and Bob on FNC’s Morning View discussed the negative effect Europe’s financial crisis was having on U.S. banks and lending. One solution they posited was for the central banks to step up and offer more support, and by Wednesday, AP was reporting that just such a move had been… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrapup: Throwing good money after bad?

Late in the day Thursday, Reuters ran an article titled: “Freddie Mac loss widens, seeks $6 billion from Treasury.” Blaming low sale prices of foreclosed properties coupled with continued low interest rates on loans it refinanced, the company is requesting yet another infusion of public funds to cover its current losses. Having extended an unlimited credit line to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the government now finds itself falling… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrapup: A true turnaround or just bobbing and weaving?

On Wednesday, The Christian Science Monitor reported: “The latest data is showing that the average rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage (from FHA and conforming GSE data) remained flat at 4.22% since last week while the purchase application volume increased 6.4% and the refinance application climbed 4.4% over the same period,” but by Friday, MortgageBankRates.com was reporting: “Mortgage rates are higher today, Friday, October 28, 2011… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrapup: Signs of the Times?

Just as fall marks a change in nature’s cycles of growth, several business stories this week seemed to hint that from consumers to economists, all eyes were on any possible signal that the housing market was beginning to enter a new season. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal took note of the very vocal protest movement that has plagued New York of late and has threatened to similarly afflict Chicago… Continue reading

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FNC’s Weekly Business Wrap-Up for Sept. 2

In our region of the South, fall is the season for carnivals. The local folk love to come out and try their hands at the various shell games on display. This week’s mortgage news seems to indicate that this fall, politicians and the government’s financial gurus are also engaging in either some carny-type offerings or they are actually capable of practicing black magic. Likely in response to political pressures to… Continue reading

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FNC’s Weekly Business Wrap-Up

The business news this week has not been unlike the weather. While market swings have moderated and somewhat stabilized, as the week ended, investors were still faced with both real and potential triple-digit swings. Economic conditions, like Hurricane Irene, seem to be slowly swirling, creating a vortex that no one can predict with certainty how, when, or with what fury it will come home to roost. The fact that 2012… Continue reading

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