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FNC Index: U.S. Home Prices Up 0.4% in March

The latest FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI) shows the U.S. housing market continued to recover, recording in March the 13th consecutive price increase. In recent months, the ongoing housing recovery has maintained its pace with steady and persistent gains in home prices despite signs of continued job market weakness and soft economic growth.

Low interest rates continue to be a key driver of rising housing demand. The market… Continue reading

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Cyber Monday: Has the “Confidence Fairy” Arrived?

Early reports indicate that consumer spending over the Thanksgiving holiday beat many estimates with some reports indicating a 15% year-over-year increase.

In this Monday’s Morning View with Bill and Bob, the discussion centered on what effects, if any, this higher retail spending might have on other areas of our economy, like the housing market.

The guys roundly agreed that spending was much more fun than saving, and expressed… Continue reading

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Foreclosure Price Discount: A Lemon Discount, A Liquidity Discount, or Both?

The collapse of the U.S. housing market in 2006 has unleashed an unprecedented wave of residential mortgage defaults and foreclosures. It is no coincidence that the mortgage crisis is more concentrated in areas where home prices have experienced steep declines, and in subprime neighborhoods where borrowers tend to have minimum equity in their highly leveraged homes. Despite that the subprime mortgage crisis is now stretching into its sixth year, sales… Continue reading

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When Will the Housing Market Take Steps Toward Recovery?

Home values are falling.
Home values are stabilizing.
Hundreds of thousands of buyers with FHA loans are slipping underwater.
FHA borrowers are standing by their loans.

What’s to believe?

At first, it seems two state-of-the-housing-market articles published today within a few hours of each other at Investors.com and CNBC.com contradict each other. In the Investors.com article, writer Kevin Harlin envisions a new round of defaults and a… Continue reading

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Podcast: Update on U.S. Economy and Housing Market

From thedianerehmshow.org:

Concerns about the U.S. housing market persist despite some positive signs of economic recovery. Millions of homeowners lost their homes since the financial crisis hit and millions more are expected to face foreclosure in the next four years. For those seeking to buy a home, securing a mortgage remains a challenge. An update on the housing market and health of the economy.

This podcast’s guests:
Michael… Continue reading

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MIT Real Estate Prof’s Idea for “How to Fix the Mortgage Mess”

The prestigious MIT Center for Real Estate has a website that is always brimming over with great articles, including one about how to build a $1,000 house. Currently, MIT’s William C. Wheaton, a Department of Economics professor, has posted an article that offers his blueprint for saving the U.S. housing market. Here is a little taste:

“To fix the underwater loan problem, existing mortgages could be restructured into two… Continue reading

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