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Weekend Roundup: How Big is Too Big When it Comes to Housing?

  • Oversized houses are a “particularly American fixation,” says The New Yorker’s Susan Orlean. She prefers just-big-enough houses that make the most of available space. How do you define “just big enough?”
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Today’s good news in housing, courtesy of FNC’s RPI

Today’s good news in housing (Home prices showed improvement in April!) is brought to you by the letters R, P, and I.

FNC announced Thursday that U.S. home prices continue to show notable improvement in April. Despite broad economic and job market weakness, home prices have increased for the first time since the withdrawal of the homebuyer tax credits a year ago. This announcement follows the latest data… Continue reading

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What’s this? Good News in Housing?

According to Bloomberg, millions of young adults are moving out of their parents’ homes and creating their own households. Between 750,000 and 1 million new households will be created in 2011–compared to just 357,000 added in the year that ended March 2010. These young adults are helping to provide a so-called shadow supply that may boost U. S. housing starts more than 50 percent by next year and spur consumption… Continue reading

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Housing in Pre-pre-pre Recovery?

The National Association of Realtors led the housing news today with its release of existing home sales data for March. For the media, the difference wasn’t in numbers, but in attitude. Here’s how it was reported:

WALL STREET JOURNAL, cautiously: “Housing Starts Remain Subdued,” and they report: “Home building rebounded a bit in March from a winter slump, but construction remains near historically low levels heading into the crucial… Continue reading

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Building Permits Down- The Next Step in Housing Recovery?

Last week, I read a blog post from Dave Kansas at the Wall Street Journal that revealed building permits fell to the lowest level in more than 40 years of record-keeping.

Homebuilders Skid After Brutal Housing Starts Data
By Dave Kansas
March 16, 2011

Photo credit: blogs.wsj.com

Not making so many of ‘em last month.

That homebuilder rally didn’t last long.

Yesterday… Continue reading

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