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FNC Index: Home Prices Up 2.3% in the Second Quarter

Despite continued signs of moderation in home price appreciation, the latest FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI) shows that U.S. home prices were up another 0.8% from May to June and 2.3% throughout the second quarter. Constructed to gauge the price movement among normal home sales by excluding distressed properties, the index’s year-over-year growth continues to decelerate as widely expected: down to 8.0% from its fastest acceleration of 9.4% in February… Continue reading

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FNC Index: November Home Prices Up Steadily by 0.5%

Oxford, Miss. (Jan. 15, 2014) – The latest FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI) shows U.S. home prices continuing to rise at a modest pace despite at a flatter rate when compared to the spring and summer months. This trend largely reflects a decline in housing activity. The index, constructed to gauge underlying property value based on non-distressed home sales only, was up 0.5% in November despite greater downward pressure from… Continue reading

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Home Prices Hit 20-month High; August FNC Index Up 0.3%

FNC’s latest Residential Price Index™ (RPI) indicates that U.S. property values continue to rise. Home prices reached a 20-month high following a robust spring/summer homebuying season. In August, home prices rose for the sixth consecutive month, consistent with signs of strengthening market conditions that are led by rising existing-home sales and declining foreclosure activities. Foreclosure sales, down from 23% a year ago to 17.4% in August, continue to play out… Continue reading

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Is the U.S. housing market on the upswing?

Is the U.S. housing market starting to recover? Let’s check the latest numbers.

The latest homes-for-sale data in FNC’s National Collateral Database™, which represent two-thirds of for-sale home listings nationwide, show a modest uptrend in July. The number of homes for sale rose 6.5% from June, or 30% from a year ago.

In June, total home sales (including new and existing homes) rose more than 13% compared… Continue reading

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When Will the Housing Market Take Steps Toward Recovery?

Home values are falling.
Home values are stabilizing.
Hundreds of thousands of buyers with FHA loans are slipping underwater.
FHA borrowers are standing by their loans.

What’s to believe?

At first, it seems two state-of-the-housing-market articles published today within a few hours of each other at Investors.com and CNBC.com contradict each other. In the Investors.com article, writer Kevin Harlin envisions a new round of defaults and a… Continue reading

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8 Major Markets in Double-Digit Dip

According to FNC’s Residential Price Index, home prices continue to fall in double digits below the levels seen a year ago in Phoenix (15.7%), Atlanta (14.1%), Orlando (13.5%), Sacramento (11.3%), Portland (11.2%), Las Vegas (11%), Charlotte (11%), and Chicago (10.3%), followed by high single-digit declines in Tampa (9.8%), St. Louis (9.4%), Minneapolis (8.1%), San Antonio (7.7 %), and Miami (7.1%). In particular, the steady declines in recent months in St… Continue reading

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Amazing Stats about the Housing Crash that Never Seems to End

Last week, FNC’s Residential Price Index revealed that January single-family home prices declined 1.1 percent — and more price weakening is expected going forward.

Photo credit: Business Insider via MGM

Over at Business Insider, Michael Snyder shares 27 Depressing Facts About the Housing Crash that Never Seems to End.

How long do you think the doom and gloom will last?… Continue reading

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Building Permits Down- The Next Step in Housing Recovery?

Last week, I read a blog post from Dave Kansas at the Wall Street Journal that revealed building permits fell to the lowest level in more than 40 years of record-keeping.

Homebuilders Skid After Brutal Housing Starts Data
By Dave Kansas
March 16, 2011

Photo credit: blogs.wsj.com

Not making so many of ‘em last month.

That homebuilder rally didn’t last long.

Yesterday… Continue reading

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FNC RPI: More Home Price Weakening Expected

The FNC Residential Price Index (RPI) – the industry’s first hedonic price index built on a comprehensive database combining public records and real-time appraisals – indicates that home prices continue to weaken in 2011, reflecting weak demand and significant downward pressure from the rising share of distressed sales. Based on the latest data on non-distressed home sales (existing and new homes), the FNC National Residential Price Index shows that… Continue reading

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11 Million Households Underwater and Other Ups and Downs

What’s up: foreclosures, underwater mortgages and mortgage applications
What’s down: home prices
What’s happening: federal agencies and banks trying to agree on a solution to reduce home loans; Bank of America meets with investors and analysts

Last week, U. S. banks received a 27-page proposal from state attorneys general and several federal agencies that could lead to a broad agreement to overhaul millions of foreclosures. The proposal, which could… Continue reading

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