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Important announcement regarding FNC’s Appraisal Score solution

Tune in to FNC Morning View on 9/17 for an important announcement regarding FNC’s Appraisal Score solution.

Join us on Sept. 17 for the next FNC Morning View. In this unscripted, conference-call talk show, mortgage industry experts Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey jump start your work week with an intense recap and forecast of the housing market in real time.

Access information: (800) 428-6108; Access Code… Continue reading

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An index is an index is an index?

FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey will discuss the different types of housing indexes on April 16’s FNC Morning View. (Click here for access information.)

WSJ’s Developments blog summarizes eight common housing indexes here:

  • S&P/Case-Shiller looks at repeat sales in 20 metro areas, using a three-month moving average.
  • The LPS
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    Weekly Wrapup: Thanksgiving Redux

    Much of the business news reported this week points toward more reasons for general thanksgiving. Earlier in the week Bill and Bob on FNC’s Morning View discussed the negative effect Europe’s financial crisis was having on U.S. banks and lending. One solution they posited was for the central banks to step up and offer more support, and by Wednesday, AP was reporting that just such a move had been… Continue reading

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    Original Sin (not the apple-eating kind)

    From www.fncmorningview.com:

    Original sin, as an economic concept, refers to a country, corporation, or individual borrowing in a denominated currency other than its own. In the 17 European Union countries that hold the euro as their legal tender, original sin ties weaker economies, like Greece’s, to stronger nations such as Germany.

    Bill Rayburn noted that many U.S. banks have already disclosed their connections to the European debt… Continue reading

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    How do international interest rates affect the U.S. economy?

    Bill Rayburn is an expert on PIIGS. That’s the financially troubled European countries Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. In this week’s Morning View call, he and Bob Dorsey discussed how debt and default in the PIIGS countries affect banking and housing in the United States.

    Bob presented these statistics:

  • In Greece, the one-year interest rate is currently 236%.
  • The two-year interest rate in Greece is
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    Occupy Wall Street: What are they Protesting?

    While the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has occupied a major amount of national press lately, there remains some confusion over just what the protesters are protesting. After interviewing some of the protesters in New York, FNC’s Bill Rayburn reports that there are three main areas that seem to be of greatest concern:

    1) The enormous personal, state, and national debt picture that seems to be pulling down employment and… Continue reading

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    A Collection of Misfits

    How do good neighborhoods differ from good companies?

    Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey explained in this week’s Morning View.

    Properties in a good neighborhood need to be similar to increase value. Employees in a good company tend to be very different individuals – “a collection of misfits.” Below are some highlights from this week’s call.

    What is a distressed/declining market?

    A distressed market is when there… Continue reading

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