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Vlog Time: FNC’s Value Proposition

What do FNC’s Collateral Management System® and our ports do for lenders? FNC cofounders Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey discuss.

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Status Quo is Dead! Evolutionary Software is Here to Stay

Volatile markets, domestic and international monetary policy, changing regulations and politics, rapidly updating technology, and shifting global resources: The list of items impacting our software systems is constantly growing. Within the housing markets we’ve lived through a plethora of these changes, let alone the adoption of software to begin with.

Like business practices and products, software continues to adapt. This is true for software serving a market, a company… Continue reading

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FNC Data Contradicts NAR Survey

Nearly 40% of Realtors surveyed by the National Association of Realtors blame low appraisals for cancellations or delays of pending sales. But a new FNC research report, supported by real-time appraisal data, shows that more than 60% of these appraisals exceeded pre-closing contract prices. On average, appraisal value was 1.7% higher than contract price.

This information seems to confirm that residential real estate appraisers are taking great care to study… Continue reading

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Should You Be Concerned About Fannie Mae’s New Appraisal Requirements?

In an effort to continue to improve the quality of the appraisals Fannie Mae receives, the GSE has instituted some new appraisal requirements and made some clarifications. The good news for our customers is that FNC’s Collateral Management System® (CMS®) and Collateral Headquarters™ (CHQ) platforms as well as the AI Ready data standard make compliance with these changes essentially automatic. Your appraisers will be able to get you the data… Continue reading

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