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VIDEO: The Great Unwind

In today’s episode of FNC Morning View, hosts Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey discussed some issues involved with winding down the GSEs and starting a private secondary mortgage market. They talked about some of the things that must be brought to the marketplace to attract private capital: Bill said transparency at the loan level; quantification of bondholders’ risks; process standardization and third-party independence are necessary. Bob added that well-defined… Continue reading

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Freddie Mac Proprietary Rules

Freddie Mac has recently proposed to institute a number of proprietary rules to be associated with the UCDP submission process. These rules all involve the use of the Freddie Mac AVM, Home Value Estimator (HVE). Since all AVM models are imperfect estimators of value, the use of the HVE model will result in some warnings being delivered in error and also the failure to issue some warnings when they should… Continue reading

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Lenders Loosen Up…With Luxury Buyers

Demand for new mortgages is finally revving up—among big spenders, anyway.

Home sales using a jumbo mortgage had year-over-year growth of 7.9% through September, compared with 2.7% for nonjumbo sales, according to an analysis for The Wall Street Journal by mortgage-technology company FNC.

It’s the latest sign that jumbo loans, defined as $417,000 and up in most places ($625,500 and up in high-cost areas), are boosting sales of… Continue reading

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Happy Fiscal New Year: An origination-foreclosure-forgiveness-money-back potpourri

Happy Fiscal New Year.

Last week it was announced that new home sales are up, at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 373,000. From the bottom, that number is up nicely. But from the top, it’s way down. (Source: Calculated Risk)

As there were 141,000 new homes for sale last month, FNC’s Bob Dorsey says it should take four-and-a-half months until that inventory is clear.

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Video: Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey discuss the Appraisal Score patent

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A letter to our clients about FNC’s Appraisal Score™ patent.

Dear Valued Clients,

We at FNC are excited to announce that our Appraisal Score™ analytic solution has received a U.S. patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,244,563), making it the nation’s first patented appraisal review tool.

America’s major loan originators, servicers, credit unions, appraisal management companies, and investors who use FNC’s Collateral Management System® (CMS®) rely on Appraisal Score to discern compliance, risk, and fraud issues in residential property… Continue reading

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Important announcement regarding FNC’s Appraisal Score solution

Tune in to FNC Morning View on 9/17 for an important announcement regarding FNC’s Appraisal Score solution.

Join us on Sept. 17 for the next FNC Morning View. In this unscripted, conference-call talk show, mortgage industry experts Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey jump start your work week with an intense recap and forecast of the housing market in real time.

Access information: (800) 428-6108; Access Code… Continue reading

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Tune In: FNC Posts Live Stream of Rayburn, Dorsey Presentations at AEI Conference

FNC co-founders Bill Rayburn, CEO, and Bob Dorsey, EVP of Data & Analytics, are featured speakers at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual conference, happening now in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Dorsey shares his expertise as part of a panel presentation, “The Historical Perspective — Booms, Bubbles and Busts,” beginning at 8:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Aug. 8. Likewise, Dr. Rayburn delivers his insights as part of a Collateral… Continue reading

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Vlog Time: FNC’s Value Proposition

What do FNC’s Collateral Management System® and our ports do for lenders? FNC cofounders Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey discuss.

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From the Archives: Not All Price Indexes Are Created Equal

After we posted Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey’s FNC Morning View episode about home price indexes, a few readers asked for more information on the different home price indexes currently available. Today, we revisit our Collateral Vision archives to bring you a post from August 2011: “Not All Price Indexes Are Created Equal.”

Have more questions about home price indexes? Leave a comment below, and we’ll get… Continue reading

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