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2012 Predictions from FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey

New Year’s is the season for resolutions but also predictions, so in Monday’s Morning View broadcast, FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey shared with us some of what they see in their crystal balls for the year ahead in terms of the overall economy, the housing market specifically, Fannie and Freddie’s future (or the lack thereof), HARP, and even what they expect to happen politically in this election year… Continue reading

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FNC Morning View with Bill and Bob: Indices and Trends

As we try to accurately assess housing prices and market trends, one tool that has proved valuable is the price index. In the recent past, an over-supply of homes for sale has caused prices overall to decline. While there were some increases during the summer, the indices are down about 0.6% for September and October, and down 4.7% overall from a year ago.

One problem with indexing is the… Continue reading

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Cyber Monday: Has the “Confidence Fairy” Arrived?

Early reports indicate that consumer spending over the Thanksgiving holiday beat many estimates with some reports indicating a 15% year-over-year increase.

In this Monday’s Morning View with Bill and Bob, the discussion centered on what effects, if any, this higher retail spending might have on other areas of our economy, like the housing market.

The guys roundly agreed that spending was much more fun than saving, and expressed… Continue reading

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Thankful for Higher FHA Loan Limits?

FNC’s Morning View callers couldn’t see Bill Rayburn’s pink shirt, pink tie, and yellow ascot on Monday, but he and Bob Dorsey were in a festive mood going into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Bob: We need to talk about important stuff first. Have you got your turkey yet, or are you having a pig this year?

Bill: We got a lot of turkey. We got a lot… Continue reading

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Original Sin (not the apple-eating kind)

From www.fncmorningview.com:

Original sin, as an economic concept, refers to a country, corporation, or individual borrowing in a denominated currency other than its own. In the 17 European Union countries that hold the euro as their legal tender, original sin ties weaker economies, like Greece’s, to stronger nations such as Germany.

Bill Rayburn noted that many U.S. banks have already disclosed their connections to the European debt… Continue reading

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How do international interest rates affect the U.S. economy?

Bill Rayburn is an expert on PIIGS. That’s the financially troubled European countries Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. In this week’s Morning View call, he and Bob Dorsey discussed how debt and default in the PIIGS countries affect banking and housing in the United States.

Bob presented these statistics:

  • In Greece, the one-year interest rate is currently 236%.
  • The two-year interest rate in Greece is
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    Occupy Wall Street: What are they Protesting?

    While the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has occupied a major amount of national press lately, there remains some confusion over just what the protesters are protesting. After interviewing some of the protesters in New York, FNC’s Bill Rayburn reports that there are three main areas that seem to be of greatest concern:

    1) The enormous personal, state, and national debt picture that seems to be pulling down employment and… Continue reading

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    Optimism Abounds at ABS East in Gloomy Miami

    Attendees of the ABS East Conference might not have expected rainy weather or gloomy predictions in Miami this week. But Bill Rayburn greeted Morning View callers with his usual optimism as he and Bob Dorsey kicked off the day’s broadcast live from the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach.

    For perspective, Bob Dorsey recalled the words of ABS East keynote speaker Pimm Fox of Bloomberg. “He totally depressed everyone [Sunday]… Continue reading

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    How can confidence in the housing market be restored?

    In this week’s FNC Morning View, Bob Dorsey said the mortgage industry faces two problems: a glut of REO properties and uncertainty from potential buyers. The Ranieri, Rosen plan (Plan B, proposed by MBS expert Lewis Ranieri and real estate economist Kenneth Rosen) provides a good approach to paring down that REO surplus. Dorsey explained:

    “They’ve proposed to Congress a plan where people who can’t qualify for… Continue reading

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    A Collection of Misfits

    How do good neighborhoods differ from good companies?

    Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey explained in this week’s Morning View.

    Properties in a good neighborhood need to be similar to increase value. Employees in a good company tend to be very different individuals – “a collection of misfits.” Below are some highlights from this week’s call.

    What is a distressed/declining market?

    A distressed market is when there… Continue reading

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