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Recap: Effective Collateral Risk Management Panel at AI National Conference

Last month I mentioned that I attended the Appraisal Institute’s national conference in San Diego on Aug. 1-3. This month I will cover some interesting highlights from the panel discussion on Effective Collateral Risk Management. The panel moderator was Leland Trice, Principal, The Trice Group. The panel consisted of Danny Wiley, VP, Staff Appraiser Manager, LSI; Rick Foos, President, Foos & Associates; Ernie Durbin, Director of Valuation Technologies, Valuation Vision… Continue reading

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Legislative Update from the Appraisal Institute National Conference

I was fortunate enough to attend the Appraisal Institute’s national conference in San Diego on Aug. 1-3. One of the sessions I found interesting was the update on legislative and regulatory issues, led by the AI’s Bill Garber, director of governmental and external relations, and Scott DiBiasio, manager of state and industry affairs.

The session opened with a discussion on the current political climate in Washington, D.C., where the… Continue reading

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FNC study shows appraiser due diligence in the process of developing a market value opinion

Last month, the Appraisal Institute released “Guide Note 12: Analyzing Market Trends,” a resource designed to give AI members an analytical framework for studying market trends while developing a market value opinion on a property. The Guide Note is particularly concerned with challenges faced by appraisers when market conditions are rapidly changing, as demonstrated by recent boom and bust cycles of the U.S. housing market. In slower markets like today’s… Continue reading

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Pop Quiz: Do you know the three UAD Ratings…

Pop Quiz: Do you know the three UAD ratings to describe the overall effect on value and marketability of the view factors associated with the subject property? The answer is after the break.**

Sept. 1, 2011, is a date residential appraisers do not need to mark on our calendars. We have had it embedded in our minds for at least the past 7 months. Sept. 1 usually brings to… Continue reading

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Trust but Verify (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of Jon T. Fisher’s post Trust but Verify. Part 1 of the series can be viewed here.

Now, as the economy is beginning to show signs of life, lenders are working toward rebuilding their securitization networks so that more private options will be available for securing capital for mortgage funding in the future. The industry needs the private security markets to return as the… Continue reading

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Appraising’s Secret to Success

I’ve been closely associated with the real estate appraisal industry for more than 20 years. I’m not an appraiser but I’ve been connected to and know many appraisers as co-workers, associates, clients, and/or friends. I’ve watched this relatively small, close-knit community survive major changes in the market and industry, and still maintain thriving businesses. Appraisers seem to have limitless hope; they are dedicated to the profession and seem to truly… Continue reading

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Appraisal Institute Course A Great Value

Although appraisers and underwriters have different roles in mortgage lending, their responsibilities are interrelated. Common goals focus on making certain that appraisal reports are well documented and the valuations are supported. Reviewers, quality control personnel, real estate brokers and agents also share these goals.

This past summer I took a continuing education seminar through the Appraisal Institute entitled, “Whatever Happened to Quality Assurance in Residential Appraisals: Avoiding Risky Appraisals and… Continue reading

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Interesting, Even Alarming, News from SoCal Mortgage Market

The Appraisal Institute’s Southern California Chapter—the largest of its chapters in the country—hosted its 16th Annual Summer conference on Thursday, July 29, 2010. The chapter presented an excellent program of continuing education that was well attended by both residential and commercial appraisers.

Of particular interest to residential appraisers was a panel presentation—The Changing Role and Responsibilities of AMCs in the Current Marketplace. Panelists included Wes McDaniel, CoreLogic; Jeff Dickstein… Continue reading

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Appraisal Institute Praises Senate for Passing Financial Reform Bill

The Appraisal Institute applauded the U.S. Senate for passing a sweeping financial regulatory reform bill that includes the first modernization of real estate appraisal regulations in more than 20 years. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (HR 4173) is the first overhaul of appraisal regulations since the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) was enacted in 1989.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign… Continue reading

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