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A Quick Tally of the Six Highest REO-Inventory Cities

According to the FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI), U.S. home prices continued to weaken in November despite signs of job recovery and rising home sales and new residential construction. The price weakening is a continued reflection of weak housing demand and drag from foreclosures and distressed sales.

A recent white paper prepared by the Federal Reserve Board for congressional policy consideration reveals that as many as a million… Continue reading

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Confounded Interest Blog: A Look at Three Housing Price Indices

The Mercatus Center’s Anthony B. Sanders examines the latest data from three home price indices on his Confounded Interest blog this morning:

    The National Association of Realtors’ Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) measures signed real estate contracts for existing single-family homes, condos, and co-ops.

    The FHFA’s House Price Index (HPI) is a weighted repeat-sales index that measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancings on

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FNC’s Residential Price Index: November Home Prices Decline 0.4%

FNC’s latest Residential Price Index™ (RPI), released Wednesday, indicates that U.S. home prices continued to decline despite recent signs of job recovery, rising home sales, and new residential construction. The continued price retreat is no surprise as the housing market remains constrained by high volumes of delinquent mortgages and foreclosures. November marks the fourth consecutive month-to-month declines in residential property value. Modest downward pressure on home prices remains as banks… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Apple to Replace the Textbook

Since digital tablets have become more and more popular, Apple has introduced iBooks 2, which will allow digital versions of textbooks to be available on the iPad.

It looks as if Apple has decided to use publishers Pearson and McGraw-Hill, whom Apple says account for 90 percent of all textbook sales.

The e-textbooks revealed by Apple will have embedded video, interactive pictures, and features for creating flashcards… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: What are the Internet’s Most-Visited Consumer Electronics Sites?

In a report released by Neilsen based on data collected during September 2011, it looks as if Microsoft and are the internet’s most popular electronics websites.

A majority of consumers are visiting Apple, Adobe, Mozilla and CNET regularly, as well.

During the month of September 2011, 94 million unique visitors spent time on Microsoft websites. This comes out to the average consumer spending… Continue reading

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2012 Predictions from FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey

New Year’s is the season for resolutions but also predictions, so in Monday’s Morning View broadcast, FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey shared with us some of what they see in their crystal balls for the year ahead in terms of the overall economy, the housing market specifically, Fannie and Freddie’s future (or the lack thereof), HARP, and even what they expect to happen politically in this election year… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrapup: How full is your glass in this new year?

Confidently predicting the direction the economy will take in 2012 is about as likely as predicting who the Republican nominee for president will be. 2011 was an abysmal year in many market segments, and though recent news in unemployment seems to point to the beginnings of a recovery, no absolute statement of victory is yet possible. A poll of economists reported in CNNMoney recently (Economists a bit more optimistic)… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: GymPact, a New App to Keep You Fit

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to stay in shape for 2012? If so, GymPact is a new incentive-based smartphone app that may get you off your couch and into the gym on a regular basis.

How does it work? You download the app to your smartphone and then you make a promise to the service (by adding your credit card information) that you will head to the… Continue reading

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