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Giving and Gratitude

As the holidays draw near, we celebrate two of the real joys of the season ~ giving and gratitude.

In support of homeowners nationwide, FNC is delighted to give to Habitat for Humanity in the name of our clients for whom we are truly grateful.

May your own homes be blessed with warmth and prosperity now and throughout the New Year.

Happy Holidays from all your… Continue reading

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Here’s to Happy Holidays and a Brighter New Year!

As this year reaches an end, there are definite signs in news reports that the housing market may actually be turning around. In an article this week titled “Home sales hint at recovery after deep slump,” Reuters reported signs of improvement, quote: “The National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday that sales of previously owned homes increased 4 percent from October to an annual rate of 4.42 million units.”… Continue reading

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FNC’s RPI: Home Prices Down 0.6% in October

Yanling Mayer

Almost without exception, individual markets tracked by the FNC 30-MSA composite index declined in October.

FNC’s latest Residential Price Index™ (RPI), released Wednesday, indicates that October U.S. home prices continued to weaken at a modest pace despite recent positive home-sales data. The trend is a reminder that the housing market remains constrained… Continue reading

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Is the Media Misinformed?

Wishful thinking! That’s what one real estate analyst says in response to media reports that claim the real estate market will soon make a turn for the better.

Keith Jurow, author of “The Housing Market Report” at, recently went on the record with the Wall Street Journal: “I’m just trying to warn readers, so they know what’s going on.”

Jurow said his research indicates that in… Continue reading

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What’s Ahead for 2012?

As we wind down the year and begin making plans for the year ahead, it is always a good idea to peer into one’s own forecast crystal ball to see what the future may hold. As business began in 2011, on Jan. 3, the 10-year treasury was at 3.342% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was at 11,670.75. After a year of mixed economic news, on Friday, Dec. 16… Continue reading

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I’ll be (in my) home for Christmas … but what about the year ahead?

Try as we did, it was pretty hard to come up with a light-hearted, happy piece for the holiday season. The fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had earlier declared a cease and desist on foreclosures through January 2, 2012, was, we thought, a good start for a positive article (Fannie Mae, banks halt foreclosures for the holidays, CNNMoney). “No family should have to give up their home… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Making Payments with your Wristwatch

A new watch model that allows users to make payments by waving their wrist over a card reader is now available in the U.K., and may soon be available in the United States. (Source: American Banker)

The watch2pay wristwatch has been developed by a company in Munich called Laks GmbH and a company in London called Vincento Payment Solutions Ltd. The watch has a SIM-sized contactless chip that… Continue reading

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FNC Morning View with Bill and Bob: Indices and Trends

As we try to accurately assess housing prices and market trends, one tool that has proved valuable is the price index. In the recent past, an over-supply of homes for sale has caused prices overall to decline. While there were some increases during the summer, the indices are down about 0.6% for September and October, and down 4.7% overall from a year ago.

One problem with indexing is the… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrapup: A Mixed Bag

Any search of published articles on the housing market this past week would reveal a mixed bag of reports. The conflicting “glass is half full” vs. “glass is half empty” stories all seem to be reasonable in this period of volatile economic headlines and mass uncertainty. And what’s worse is that no one seems at all sure who’s to blame or even if there is any earthly power that can… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Is Verizon Partnering with Redbox to Compete with Netflix?

Reports say Verizon is planning to compete with Netflix and has recently been in talks with different content producers to provide this service.

A source with TechCrunch says that Verizon is now planning to partner with Redbox and will release a TV and movie streaming and download service that is planned to launch on May 28th. Pricing for the service is expected to be on a monthly and credit… Continue reading

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