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Tech Thursday: Google Launches Google+ Social Network

After word leaked out about an internal memo from a senior executive from Google warning the company of how behind they were in the social networking space, Google has finally launched its much-anticipated social network—Google+.

The real question to be asked is: Can Google+ really compete with the social networking giants Facebook and Twitter, which completely dominate… Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: How Big is Too Big When it Comes to Housing?

  • Oversized houses are a “particularly American fixation,” says The New Yorker’s Susan Orlean. She prefers just-big-enough houses that make the most of available space. How do you define “just big enough?”
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Is it Time to Appoint a Housing Czar?

Mortgage Banking News’s Lew Sichelman says it’s time for the Obama Administration to appoint a “housing czar” to clear the market of distressed houses.

At this week’s Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco, Ken Rosen, chair of the Fisher Center for Real Estate, said the nation’s 20 largest banks are ready to get the… Continue reading

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Will these brands disappear in 2012?

Remember Mr. T Cereal?

Corn Pops and nine other brands will join Pee-wee Herman’s favorite breakfast in failed-brand obscurity next year, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

The Ten Brands That Will Disappear were chosen on criteria like falling sales or declining market share. (View the criteria here.)

The list:
Corn Pops

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Today’s good news in housing, courtesy of FNC’s RPI

Today’s good news in housing (Home prices showed improvement in April!) is brought to you by the letters R, P, and I.

FNC announced Thursday that U.S. home prices continue to show notable improvement in April. Despite broad economic and job market weakness, home prices have increased for the first time since the withdrawal of the homebuyer tax credits a year ago. This announcement follows the latest data… Continue reading

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FNC’s Kathy Coon reports on NYPTI Mortgage Fraud Forum IV

FNC’s Chief Appraiser Kathy Coon recently spoke about appraisal fraud at the New York Prosecutors Training Institute’s Mortgage Fraud Forum IV in Albany and Brooklyn.

Kathy reports that the forum’s attendees (all very committed to pursuing and prosecuting mortgage fraud) included prosecutors, the New York State Banking Department’s criminal investigators, and representatives from government agencies and several divisions of law enforcement.

In her speech, Kathy discussed… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Garmin Acquires Navigon

It has been exceptionally hard for companies such as Garmin to sell their navigation devices as of late since it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the cell phones and vehicles on the market that come with navigation technology built-in.

On Tuesday, Garmin announced that it would be acquiring one of its rival companies Navigon in an attempt to not only increase their market share in Europe, but… Continue reading

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Remember the RPI

FNC co-founder Bob Dorsey and I have just arrived at the historic (and haunted) Menger Hotel in San Antonio, where Dr. Dorsey has been invited to speak to many of the nation’s leading real estate journalists.

With a conference schedule packed full of industry information, participants of the NAREE conference may be hard pressed to find time to tour the city’s most noted landmark: the Alamo… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Creates Alliance with U.S. Conference of Mayors

On Monday, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and the U.S. Conference of Mayors began a three-year partnership to help avoid mortgage loan foreclosures.

In an article from The Des Moines Register, Mary Coffin, executive vice president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, said both parties intend to provide “proven technical capabilities and educational materials” in an effort called Leading the Way Home, which will help municipalities address the current housing crisis… Continue reading

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Social Media and Weinergate: Use Common Sense

The New York Times’ social media policy is simple: “Use common sense and don’t be stupid.” Let the recent online mistakes of New York congressman Roger Weiner remind us all of a few common-sense social media do’s and dont’s.

What businesses and employees can learn from Weinergate:

Do have a social media policy for your business. “Employees need to be reminded that their behavior online is subject to… Continue reading

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