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Will Mortgage Rates Bring Down Lending Volumes?

The good news is that the potential for a double-dip recession and our fear of it is fading. This should help stimulate economic growth. The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. economy had grown about 2.6% in the third quarter. During this period companies have increased their inventories of goods. While consumer spending was down during this same period, a recent increase in spending reflects consumer comfort. Last week’s… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Offlining It

Crenshaw Communications posted its Ten Trends That Will Affect Public Relations Pros in 2011.

Among the typical and not unexpected predictions about “content is king” and “social everything,” one trend in particular caught my attention:

7. Offlining gains steam.

Offlining is just what it sounds like. Go offline, even just temporarily, and recharge your own batteries. Stop and smell the roses. Go back to square one… Continue reading

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Social Media. The “New” Business Model?

Over the past few months, as I’ve passed through numerous airports in my travels, I couldn’t help but notice how dramatically the business world has changed. The change I’m referring to has been brought on in large part by the development and widespread adoption of the mobile phone, smart phones, the internet and other personal data devices such as the iPad. Not only have I been carrying both a BlackBerry… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Twitter’s Person of the Year (Has Got Klout)

By now, you may have heard that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. But have you heard about Twitter’s person of the year? Like Zuckerberg, he’s young, tech savvy, and very influential.

According to, the most influential Twitter celebrity of 2010 is Justin Bieber. (Bieber is the baby-faced “Baby” singer with the awesome haircut.)

Forbes used

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Treasury Sec. Geithner Refuses Release of Bailout Money to Pay Homeowners’ Legal Fees

Timothy Geithner is not sending some of the bank bailout money at his disposal to homeowners who need help paying legal fees. Many of these homeowners are working with their banks to modify loans but their legal fees have piled up making it impossible for them to catch up with their mortgage payments. According to a General Accounting Office study, even homeowners who are being wrongfully foreclosed due to a… Continue reading

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Rayburn Named to Innovators Hall of Fame

On behalf of FNC, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our fearless leader, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Bill Rayburn on being inducted into the Mississippi Technology Alliance’s Innovators Hall of Fame.

At a gala event in Jackson, MS, Tuesday night, Dr. Rayburn received the MTA’s esteemed Excellence Award in recognition of his work as a technology pioneer.

Also inducted were John D. Bower… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Mark Zuckerberg and the Giving Pledge

Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joins the 17 billionaires who recently signed Bill Gates’ pledge to give half their fortunes to charity, a vow prompted by the global recession. More than 50 donors including director George Lucas and CNN founder Ted Turner have already pledged their wealth.

Gates and investor Warren Buffett began The Giving Pledge in June 2010. In the pledge, they asked U.S. billionaires to commit… Continue reading

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The Dawn of a New Era in Appraising

Approximately 30 years ago the automobile industry began to introduce computers into cars and since that time they have never been the same. What was once considered a rather simple procedure – tuning up your engine or even changing the spark plugs – has become an almost impossible project for anyone, except the highly trained automobile technician.

Today nearly every aspect of your car is aided or controlled in… Continue reading

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North Dakota Has Great Jobs, Fat Paychecks & a Shortage of Houses to Buy

An oil boom brought thousands of workers to North Dakota the past two years — but there is no place to put them. Apartment buildings and motels are packed. Small prairie towns are now blanketed with pup tents, RVs and cramped campers, all owned by workers who would love to buy houses.

The New York Times reporter who ventured to Williston, North Dakota, marveled at a recently arrived oil rigger… Continue reading

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Not All is Lost After the Homebuyer Tax Credit

The FNC Residential Price Index (RPI) indicates that broadly measured U.S. single-family home prices in September trended lower for a third month, declining 0.4% from August. On a year-over-year basis, September home prices declined 2.1% from a year ago at a pace that has decelerated slightly since June. As of September, U.S home prices have lost nearly 22% of the market values attained at the peak of the housing… Continue reading

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