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Book: Who’s to Blame for the Mortgage Crisis?

Looking for a great gift for a friend or family member who also happens to be a mortgage industry professional? Look no further than Chain of Blame, the latest book by my new friend Paul Muolo, executive editor of National Mortgage News.

In Chain of Blame, Muolo and business journalist Matthew Padilla dig deep into the mortgage and credit crisis that culminated with the subprime crash during the summer of… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday (on Wednesday): Happy Techy Day!

“(Some) joy – or least enjoyment – in life comes from various forms of technology. OK, if not enjoyment, drudgery reduction for sure. And I’m grateful for that, too.” – Sharon Machlis

When we at FNC asked our online friends what they give thanks for, the top responses were family, friends, and health. But because we’re a tech company – and because this is a blog post – I… Continue reading

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Farmville creator launches Cityville; City Rain Makes Urban Planning a Cool Game

Did you get sick of your Facebook friends telling you every time they found a virtual calf in a cabbage patch or baked too many plum pies for their Farmville party? Brace yourself. Farmville’s creator has launched a game for every real estate wonk who daydreams of saving Detroit or Las Vegas or developing shadow housing inventory.

In Cityville, each player is mayor of a make-believe city that he… Continue reading

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Out of Catastrophe Comes a Hunger for Reform, Honorable Conduct—and Trust

I’ve heard recently that the lack of trust within the financial and mortgage industry is the largest hindrance to a recovery.

This sentiment has reminded me of a quote, ”Blame and Trust cannot co-exist.”

Headlines from our industry seem to focus 20% on the root problem, and 80% on WHO’S RESPONSIBLE. The real damage is done when energies are applied proportionally.

For example: how long do you think it would take… Continue reading

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FNC Price Index: Hear the Podcast!

Move over old-school price index! There’s a new kid in town.

Mortgage technology company FNC® introduces the next generation of residential price-trend reporting, featuring more accurate, more specific data for properties nationwide — the FNC Residential Price Index (RPI).

Hear it explained by the inventor. Click here.

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Tech Thursday: So much tech buzz, so little time

Dear Tech Thursday Readers,

If you like FNC on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (not to mention if you work here), you already know we’ve been pretty busy this week with our annual fundraiser for the United Way.

But while we’ve been boosting morale and raising money with games, cake walks, and special events this past week, Facebook has announced its new “not

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MIT Developed Houses that Can Be Built for $1,000 Each

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced a revolutionary concept during graduation week last year; the design for a house that cost only $1,000 to build. MIT believes the home is perfect for impoverished rural areas here in the United States. The concept was called the 1K House Project. But the countries that seem most interested in buying the concept are China and India, where massive populations of workers live well… Continue reading

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Valuation 2010: A Recap

At the Valuation 2010 Conference in Las Vegas this week, more than 600 appraisers in attendance learned that change in is the air and it’s blowing in from many different directions. Political forces like the HVCC and now the Dodd-Frank legislation, along with an imploded housing market, will be two of the main factors profoundly changing the face of appraising. Also new technology, new tools, and new methodologies will shape… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Delicious Cake Is Delicious

Today, I joined Delicious. The social bookmarking site, once styled as, allows you to save, organize, and access your favorite websites from anywhere.

Registration: Simple. It was as easy as logging in to my old Yahoo! Mail account, choosing a name for my Delicious account, and clicking one button to add a Delicious bookmarklet to my browser.

Installation: Also simple. Delicious supports Firefox, Safari, IE6… Continue reading

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Realtors Use Ancient Squatter Laws to Sell Foreclosed Homes to Low-Income Families

Squatter law dates back to Renaissance England. The common law states that if land or a home has been abandoned and untended, a citizen can take possession of the property if he or his designates live on it, improve it and pay taxes on it for a set period of time. All 50 U.S. states have similar laws still on the books, some dating back to the Civil War, according… Continue reading

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