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NEW Appraisal Management Company Regulation

Have you been following the new state legislation and regulations for Appraisal Management Companies?

FNC held a web conference update on February 18th to inform AMCs and other clients on the progress in legislation across the states. The web conference, “Overcoming the Challenge of New State Regulations,” was presented by Neil Olson Chief Legal Counsel for FNC, myself, Shawn Telford, FNC Director of Product Management and two representatives from… Continue reading

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Foreclosure Rates, Appraiser Ratios, Florida Follow-Up, and More!

This week, we invite you again to view our guest forum, where Pat Sullivan, SRA, has posted his thoughts on Foreclosure Rates, Appraiser Ratios, Florida Follow-Up, and More!
Click Here.

Foreclosure Rates and Appraiser Ratios

It is well known that Broward County Florida is in the top 10 counties in the country for high rates of foreclosure. What you may not know is that Broward County… Continue reading

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GSE Continues to Move Forward with Collateral Data Delivery

The FNC annual Collateral Management Conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the current state of appraisal data delivery initiatives and related dependencies. Senior executives from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA were present as well as executives responsible for collateral at the nation’s leading lenders, servicers and management companies.

We learned that the push to have appraisal data delivered to the secondary market, starting with Fannie Mae, continues… Continue reading

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Appraisers Unite

This week, in our guest forum, Lynne Palmer, Vice President of the Union of Real Estate Appraisers, discusses why appraisers must unite as one voice. Click here to read her post.

Uniting as one voice is the only way to protect the future of the appraisal profession and, most importantly, the real estate appraiser.

We can no longer sit at our desk behind a computer hoping someone… Continue reading

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