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Option ARMs Take Aim at the California Housing Market

Some news we have been hearing lately indicates that the worst of the recession is behind us and that the housing market is improving. No doubt many areas in the country are starting to see some improvement or at least the continuous fall in values has slowed. However, the housing market is still far from “normal” and there are a multitude of potential snags that will have to be overcome… Continue reading

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Podcast Interview with Bill Rayburn

Hear FNC co-founder and CEO Bill Rayburn’s recent interview with Jonathan Miller on the collateral industry.

Check it out here.

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Geographic Competency: The Role of Appraisers

Much has been written already about the circumstance where appraisers are covering greater distances than in the past in order to gain and fulfill appraisal assignments in a shrinking market. Whenever an appraiser roams over greater and greater territory, he or she needs to be concerned with one of the fundamental premises of appraising, that is, competence, especially what is called “geographic competence.” Geographic Competency is governed by the… Continue reading

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FNC Geocoding Helps Determine Appraiser Area of Expertise

One of the most consistent observations FNC has been hearing lately from mortgage originators is that they are receiving appraisals from appraisers who are operating outside their regions of competence. In other words, they are appraising in neighborhoods where they don’t know the market.

As lenders know, the real value of appraisers is twofold. First, they can look at the house to assess the current condition; and second, they… Continue reading

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Introducing Collateral Vision: The Blog

The question is not new: “If a tree falls in the woods and there are no ears to hear it, will it make a sound?”

Blog. Such a strange and funny word. Say it repeatedly and it’s reminiscent of blah. “Blah, blah, blah.” Isn’t that what a blah-g is all about? Just an electronic medium for saying what’s on one’s mind — a venue for stream of consciousness, for random… Continue reading

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Blog It Up

You’re out there. You’ve got the mortgage industry on your mind. You’ve got something to say, something to get off your chest, something to share. You’ve got the desire to let others know what you think, what you believe, what you feel. You’ve got a solution, an answer, an observation, an anecdote. You’ve got an opinion. You’ve got a fresh perspective.

You’ve got that. We’ve got this: Collateral Vision –… Continue reading

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