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Pop Quiz: Do you know the three UAD Ratings…

Pop Quiz: Do you know the three UAD ratings to describe the overall effect on value and marketability of the view factors associated with the subject property? The answer is after the break.**

Sept. 1, 2011, is a date residential appraisers do not need to mark on our calendars. We have had it embedded in our minds for at least the past 7 months. Sept. 1 usually brings to… Continue reading

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“Keeping Their Job” — Risk, Fraud, and Data Highlight the PMC

At the Predictive Methods Conference last week, it was interesting to hear MSNBC political anchor Dylan Ratigan boil all the decisions that are made in Congress to a common theme: ”I want to keep my job.”

According to Ratigan, when it comes time for critical votes and knowing which position to lead or back, that is the bottom line. He spent most of his time taking the pulse… Continue reading

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Considering Collateral Data Delivery: Food for Thought

On May 1, 2009, Fannie Mae announced its Collateral Data Delivery (CDD) initiative to improve overall loan quality, sending waves throughout the industry. Basically, Fannie Mae announced its intention to require originating lenders to send the appraisal as data to Fannie Mae prior to loan delivery for most of the loans that Fannie Mae purchased. Similar programs are being contemplated by other GSEs and HUD. Since the secondary market request… Continue reading

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GSE Continues to Move Forward with Collateral Data Delivery

The FNC annual Collateral Management Conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the current state of appraisal data delivery initiatives and related dependencies. Senior executives from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA were present as well as executives responsible for collateral at the nation’s leading lenders, servicers and management companies.

We learned that the push to have appraisal data delivered to the secondary market, starting with Fannie Mae, continues… Continue reading

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