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Regulatory and Compliance Update with Shawn Telford and Neil Olson

The following is a discussion between Shawn Telford, Managing Director, and Neil Olson, General Counsel, as part of FNC’s July 9 webinar on Regulatory & Compliance Updates.

Neil Olson: Regulations are still in motion, even though it’s summer.

Shawn Telford: The MISMO cutover will happen on Sunday. We’re prepared and ready. UCDP warnings and hardstops – GAAR® is in place to help you as part of your… Continue reading

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FNC Introduces Technology Blog: Software Unwound

softwareunwound_header (2)At mortgage technology company FNC Inc., conference room conversations lead to knowledge and knowledge to solutions. Now, FNC is taking the conference room online and inviting readers of its new blog to join the conversation.

The blog, Software Unwound, which premiered online last week, was developed to showcase how FNC uses cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions to… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Apple to Replace the Textbook

Since digital tablets have become more and more popular, Apple has introduced iBooks 2, which will allow digital versions of textbooks to be available on the iPad.

It looks as if Apple has decided to use publishers Pearson and McGraw-Hill, whom Apple says account for 90 percent of all textbook sales.

The e-textbooks revealed by Apple will have embedded video, interactive pictures, and features for creating flashcards… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: What are the Internet’s Most-Visited Consumer Electronics Sites?

In a report released by Neilsen based on data collected during September 2011, it looks as if Microsoft and are the internet’s most popular electronics websites.

A majority of consumers are visiting Apple, Adobe, Mozilla and CNET regularly, as well.

During the month of September 2011, 94 million unique visitors spent time on Microsoft websites. This comes out to the average consumer spending… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Making Payments with your Wristwatch

A new watch model that allows users to make payments by waving their wrist over a card reader is now available in the U.K., and may soon be available in the United States. (Source: American Banker)

The watch2pay wristwatch has been developed by a company in Munich called Laks GmbH and a company in London called Vincento Payment Solutions Ltd. The watch has a SIM-sized contactless chip that… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Is Verizon Partnering with Redbox to Compete with Netflix?

Reports say Verizon is planning to compete with Netflix and has recently been in talks with different content producers to provide this service.

A source with TechCrunch says that Verizon is now planning to partner with Redbox and will release a TV and movie streaming and download service that is planned to launch on May 28th. Pricing for the service is expected to be on a monthly and credit… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Mobile eBook Sales to Reach $10 Billion

A new report released by Juniper Research forecasts the sales of mobile eBooks to reach nearly $10 billion by 2016.

Juniper Research believes that this jump in eBook sales can be linked to the rapid growth of eReader devices currently on the market such as Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. The large demand in tablets leads… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: Will We see an Amazon Smartphone in the Near Future?

A little over a month ago I spoke to you about Amazon entering the tablet industry with their Kindle Fire, and now it looks like Amazon is poised to enter into the smartphone industry sometime next year.

Citi analysts Mark Mahaney and Kevin Chang released a research report today which states an “Amazon smartphone may be coming in the next year.”

The Citi report also believes Amazon… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: A Free App that could Save Your Life

A new free consumer health application for the iPhone, called Glooko, might be able to help save your life.

Glooko is a digital logbook for people who check their blood sugar every day due to diabetes. The iTunes store currently offers several similar logbooks, but Glooko stands out because it doesn’t require users to enter information manually… Continue reading

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Tech Thursday: iOS 5 Update on the Horizon

If you are like me and you just recently upgraded to the iPhone 4S or you updated your device to the new iOS 5 software, you have probably noticed that the battery life on your device isn’t lasting as long as you might have hoped. If you thought it was just your device, don’t worry, because you are not the only one who has noticed the subpar battery power after… Continue reading

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