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FNC Index: Home Prices Up 2.3% in the Second Quarter

Despite continued signs of moderation in home price appreciation, the latest FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI) shows that U.S. home prices were up another 0.8% from May to June and 2.3% throughout the second quarter. Constructed to gauge the price movement among normal home sales by excluding distressed properties, the index’s year-over-year growth continues to decelerate as widely expected: down to 8.0% from its fastest acceleration of 9.4% in February… Continue reading

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Regulatory and Compliance Update with Shawn Telford and Neil Olson

The following is a discussion between Shawn Telford, Managing Director, and Neil Olson, General Counsel, as part of FNC’s July 9 webinar on Regulatory & Compliance Updates.

Neil Olson: Regulations are still in motion, even though it’s summer.

Shawn Telford: The MISMO cutover will happen on Sunday. We’re prepared and ready. UCDP warnings and hardstops – GAAR® is in place to help you as part of your… Continue reading

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Latest Home Price Numbers Reveal Increase in Jacksonville Area

Oxford, Miss. (March 26, 2014) – Home prices in the Jacksonville, FL, metropolitan statistical area increased in January by 0.74% as indicated by the FNC Residential Price IndexTM (RPI), marking the 13th consecutive month of appreciation for this market. Also, the Jacksonville market increased 8.01% from January 2013, marking the 20th consecutive month of year-over-year gains. Despite recent growth, this market is still 15.85% below its January 2009 value. Furthermore… Continue reading

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Latest Home Price Numbers Reveal Decrease in Pittsburgh Area

Home prices in the Pittsburgh, PA, metropolitan statistical area decreased by 0.71% for the month of January as indicated by the FNC Residential Price Index (RPI). The decline marks the fourth consecutive month of depreciation for this market. In addition, sales activity for Pittsburgh was mixed. While single-family home sales have increased by 1.24% from January 2013, the percentage of single-family home sales that were distressed reached 10.74%, an… Continue reading

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FNC Index: Latest Home Price Numbers Reveal Decrease in Birmingham Area

Home prices in the Birmingham-Hoover, AL, metropolitan statistical area decreased by 0.32% for the month of December as indicated by the FNC Residential Price Index™ (RPI). The slide in prices marks the fourth consecutive month of depreciation for this market. Furthermore, the percentage of home sales that were distressed reached 19.54% — a 1.4% gain over November’s figure of 19.27% and a 39.47% increase over September’s figure of 14.01%… Continue reading

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Heads up for CMS users: System Update

FNC Collateral Management Systems® will be updated on Saturday, Jan. 11, during which time admin-level users may notice a brief period of system inaccessibility. The following enhancements and changes will not impact the current system (unless noted) until they are activated by the user.

Click here to sign up for training regarding this update; you will receive an email with information on the next available session along with… Continue reading

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FNC Introduces Technology Blog: Software Unwound

softwareunwound_header (2)At mortgage technology company FNC Inc., conference room conversations lead to knowledge and knowledge to solutions. Now, FNC is taking the conference room online and inviting readers of its new blog to join the conversation.

The blog, Software Unwound, which premiered online last week, was developed to showcase how FNC uses cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions to… Continue reading

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FNC Webinar: Higher-Priced Mortgages & Other Regulatory Changes

To access the PowerPoint, Q&A, and audio files from FNC’s Nov. 19 webinar on regulatory changes, click here.

This webinar addressed higher-priced mortgage loans and the new appraisal requirements; new requirements around delivering copies of appraisals and other valuations to borrowers; and ongoing changes to the GSEs’ UCDP portal… Continue reading

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FNC Report: Amid Rapid Declines of Foreclosure Rates and Rising Prices, Prospective Trade-Up Buyers

Oxford, Miss. (Sept. 12, 2013) – With foreclosure sales in rapid decline nationwide and in high demand in many fast-rising markets, a report released this week by mortgage technology company FNC indicates that housing demand by trade-up buyers is rising as the home equity available to these prospective buyers is improving.

According to FNC’s Foreclosure Market Report, the foreclosure market has rapidly improved in recent months with foreclosure… Continue reading

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VIDEO: FNC’s Bill Rayburn and Bob Dorsey discuss how a Cyprus bailout would affect the United States

[This video was recorded March 25 as part of FNC's Morning View series. Visit for call-in info and access to previous episodes.]

Bob Dorsey: There are a lot of restrictions on money transfer from one country to another. Increasingly, starting in the ‘50s, there were reductions in the constraints on that, so there was money transfer going more and more between countries. What’s happened is… Continue reading

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